Affiliate + Partner Marketing Consulting

strategy + solutions for your affiliate channel


Run your affiliate program in-house and equip your team with the right training to enable them to succeed.

Migrations + Launches

Launching or migrating your affiliate program can be done easily and pain free with an experienced consultant.


A thorough analysis of your affiliate program can provide insightful recommendations to improve ROI.


Design and execute an RFP that is the most relevant for your brand. Find the right solution the first time around.

Data + Analytics

Understand the true value or your affiliate channel. Incorporate cross-channel and funnel views to guide actionable strategy. 


Create efficiencies for your team(s) by developing operational playbooks that systematize your affiliate channel activities.

"Lacie helped create innovative reporting solutions to assist the agency's clients, some of which I had never before seen in the industry."
Sean Yoon McDevitt
Senior Partner Manager,


Partner consulting services can begin with simple projects, such as program audit and analysis. They can get as intricate as program launch or migration and process documentation. 


Hiring Lacie Thompson as your partner marketing consultant allows you tap into an industry expert and gain knowledge to optimize your partner program rapidly. 


Text, call or email to see if Lacie Thompson can help you with your partner marketing needs.