We are able to help any company in the affiliate and partner marketing channel with simple to complex, strategic projects. Below are just a few examples of projects we can assist with. Most of our accomplishments come from being given nebulous problems and solving them. If you find yourself scratching your head about how to solve a problem you’re having in the performance and partner marketing space, reach out.

Affiliate manager training

Whether you are well-versed in Affiliate Marketing or just getting started, there is always something to learn in this ever-evolving digital channel. Ramping up at a rapid rate requires great training. We have experience interviewing, hiring and training exceptional people. Whether or not your team has affiliate experience, quality training can make a huge difference.

By really understanding each individual’s background, we are able to develop a training program that shortens learning curves and sets teams up for success. Training doesn’t necessarily just come in the form of subject matter expertise. Training can also include work on soft skills, leadership, prioritization, and managing up, to name a few.

Network migrations

It may seem like a daunting task to move your program from one tracking solution to another, but after doing it countless times for brands, we can say with confidence that with good planning and experienced guidance, it can be quite easy.

If you want to understand what might be involved in order to determine whether to consider a migration, we can help. If you have already decided you want to make a move, we can help design a project plan and bring up potential unforeseen issues to consider and be aware of during the move. 

Strategic partner marketing audit & roadmap

Most agencies will offer an audit to get their foot in the door and understand the current state of your affiliate/partner channel. With a limited amount of context or insight, you can understand their strategy and approach to your partner channel by having this done.

Our approach is different. We are motivated to completely understand the entire context of your partner program. By really understanding the intricacies of your business at a more granular level, we then fully evaluate your program and develop a strategic roadmaps to improve efficiencies and scale to meet your goals. The final output is an easily-executable playbook that is 100% custom to your brand.

RFP Composition, execution, evaluation & recommendation

Having executed RFPs (requests for proposal) on the brand side, as well as responding to them on the agency side, we assert there is no standard way to do them. Additionally, it is unusual for a procurement team to be particularly well-versed in the affiliate and partner channel.

Due to these reasons, we find it helpful to understand the top priorities for your team in executing an RFP in order to determine the potential solutions available. From there, we develop the right methodology and process, recommend participants, execute the collection of responses, evaluate submissions and provide the ultimate recommendation, along with the alternative options.

Data & Analytics Audit & Strategic Roadmap

Attribution. Incrementality. Cross-Device. The data buzzwords in digital marketing are rampant and elusive at the same time. If you’re tired of talking about concepts and are ready to implement solutions, we can help.

There are seemingly endless data points to measure and use to determine success. There are several methodologies to implement to evaluate the effectiveness of certain activities. To truly determine the right path forward, it is necessary to have a deep comprehension of the customer journey and conversion path. Once that foundation exists, we create a new framework to utilize in order to surface actionable insights quickly so your team can spend more time on the most important activities to produce the desired results.  

Social Media Influencer Optimization

Everyone’s doing it! But who’s really doing it right and what is the right way for you to do it? By understanding the brand intentions, team dynamics, technology solutions and goals, we are able to effectively design an easily-executable playbook that is 100% custom to your brand and delivers best in class tracking to prove ROI.

Operations & Process Documentation

Sometimes the problem with the results is the process behind them. By evaluating and understanding the current process behind each of the operational aspects of your program, we can design and recommend a more efficient and repeatable process solution.

Second, people don’t know what they don’t know, so there may be operational activities not currently being executed that could improve success. By doing this evaluation, we are able to uncover those activities and provide a solution for implementation.


Sometimes recruiting the right roles in the affiliate industry can be challenging. Sometimes a staffing gap occurs at one of the peak times for your business. If you need some time to find the right person, but want someone who can step in and proactively manage the channel in the interim, we can provide support. If you need coverage during peak times, we can step in for short term spurts. 

If you’d like support with finding the right person for your affiliate role, we can also support that entire endeavor, end to end, or be an extra perspective in the interview process. 


So…you have an idea about some work you need help with?

Now what? Unfortunately, these services are not a widget, so they don’t have a standard price tag.

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with an hourly rate for work or a project-based rate, along with a detailed scope of work.

To get more specific details, please reach out today!